RESPECT & Rule 10 (A) ~ Everyone Please Read!

2 years ago By Paul Stephenson

To: ALL Team Managers, Coaches, Club Officials, Spectators, Parents, Carers, Match Officials & League Officials

We would just like to remind everyone that the Garforth Junior Football League is a ‘Respect’ league and is 100% committed to the FA Respect programme. The same level of commitment is therefore expected from EVERYONE associated in any way with the GJFL as we want EVERYONE to have an enjoyable match day experience without any unnecessary aggravation.

First & foremost, EVERYONE is expected to subscribe to & abide by the FA’s accepted Respect codes of conduct, copies of which can be viewed and/or downloaded from the FA's own website HERE
N.B. These codes of conduct are nothing new and have been in place since 2008 so unless someone is totally new to junior football, everyone should already be familiar with them.

Rule 10 (A) of the FA Standard Code of Rules states that:

Each home club shall arrange for the provision of designated areas for spectators. This area can be marked by an additional painted line, the use of cones, a roped off area or use of a temporary spectator barrier. The area for spectators should start two metres from the touchline on both sides of the pitch. Each area should run the full length of the pitch. It is recognised, however, that the alignment of some public pitches does not allow for this arrangement in which case other appropriate arrangements should be made.

Parents and spectators at all games must watch from one designated side behind the safety zone. They will not be permitted to stand behind or to the side of either goal. Coaches and substitutes will be positioned on the opposite side and only Coaches, Referees Assistants, and other approved personnel will be permitted to enter the safety zone. The Referee will be empowered not to start or restart the game until the safety zone has been delineated and spectators excluded.

Each home team shall mark out a Technical Area either side of the half way line on the opposite side of the ground to the spectators for the use and purpose of the coaches and from where the substitutes shall leave or enter the field of play. The recommended size of the technical area for each team is 10 yards by 3 yards but if not feasible due to space restrictions each technical area should be of equal dimensions.

Any Club failing to provide a designated Respect Barrier / Technical Area or similar, suitable spectator safety zone will be fined in accordance with the Fines Tariff on each and every occasion and or be dealt with as the Management Committee may determine.

We would like everyone to have an enjoyable experience whilst being a part of the GJFL but we respectfully ask anyone who feels that they either cannot abide by the FA’s Respect codes of conduct or are unable to suitably control their emotions whilst attending a GJFL football match to please stay at home.

Thank you.

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